Strengthening the rule of law, lefts and justice, and serving the community of the United Arab Emirates.


A commitment to providing legal services and solutions through a wide work experienced team, based on our believe of the importance of the legal profession and its Charter of Honor.


• Developing legal profession and maintaining it’s dignity and honor.

• Providing multiple areas, high-quality legal services based on the highest standards of modern technology.

• Concerning the interests of customers and ensuring their privacy.


Dr. Ahmed Al Dhelaia Lawyers and Legal Consultants office is a professional law firm committed to providing Legal Services and Solutions to its clients, through a qualified team with scientific and practical experience in all areas of law.

The law firm founded by Dr. Ahmed AlDhelaia in 2015, in Abu Dhabi, Delma Street, East 25, behind the Commercial Court, Building C-41, Mezzanine floor office No. (4). The Firm is authorized to exercise legal profession and legal advice services within the United Arab Emirates, mainly in litigation and consultation services, with the possibility of providing legal advice in other States and Countries, as well as mastery of international laws and agreements, especially the commercial treaties.

The Founder

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Khamis Al Dhelaia Al Zaabi

Associate Professor of Commercial Law at United Arab Emirates University

Lawyer, Arbitrator and Legal Counsel


Our Team

Our team consists of a group of consultants and lawyers, with a wide range of expertise in law and its applications, on local and international laws, as well as fluency in two or more languages.

Quality of Performance and Good Reputation:

Ahmed Al Dhelaia Law Firm has a good reputation in the legal environment in the United Arab Emirates, which stems from the quality of the office performance, the unique way of dealing with customers and clients, and the good impact it has in serving the UAE community.

Our International Strategic Partners:

Ahmed AlDhelaia Law Firm is engaged in strategic partnerships with many international law firms and many legal entities outside the UAE. In our legal services, we obtain legal advice, negotiation and contracting to most countries in the world, preserving the lefts and interests of our clients.

Trust and Transparency:

Ahmed Al Dhelaia Law Firm has been established on a major principle of keenness on the interests of clients and maintaining their privacy and keeping their secrets, which strengthens the trust between the office and its clients. The Office has taken the principle of transparency and credibility in dealing with clients, and indicating their proper legal position, whether in the field of litigation or settlement, in order to guarantee their lefts and interests.

Technical and Technological Progress:

In line with the wise policy of the UAE government and the requirements for intelligent digital transformation and the use of technological dimensions, Ahmed AlDhelaia Law Firm has followed the technological and technological path in dealing with customers and judicial authorities, to reduce the time of completing lawsuits and legal consultations in a manner that preserves the lefts of the clients and their interests, and supports the official authorities to reach the goals of the judiciary.


The office staff consists of

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Khamis AlDhelaia AlZaabi

Associate Professor of Commercial Law at United Arab Emirates University

Lawyer, arbitrator and legal advisor

Scientific and practical experience in the field of law for more than fourteen years

Legal Advisor, Wissal Al-Smit

Master of Business Law

Senior Legal Advisor

Practical experience in the field of law for more than twenty-six years


Lawyer Mr. Mohamed Hisham Ali

Bachelor of Law from Cairo University

Lawyer / Legal Researcher

Practical experience in law for more than six years


Our services include but are not limited to:

Legal Consultations:


Providing legal advice and preparation of studies for companies, financial institutions, commercial banks and individuals in all aspects of civil, commercial, criminal, personal laws and other matters.




Advising on the legal status of our clients prior to litigation, either on cases against them or theirs.




Representing our clients in all stages of litigation before all courts in the UAE or abroad.


Alternative Dispute Resolution:


Provide legal services through alternative dispute resolution solutions, whether mediation, conciliation, reconciliation, settlement or arbitration.




Representing our clients in all forms of negotiation to ensure their rights.


Legal Representation:


Representing our clients legally, at all official bodies, police stations and public prosecution.


Corporate incorporation and management services:


providing corporate incorporation services, trademark and patent protection, and writing commercial contracts and Articles of Associations.




Areas of Legal Specialty, All legal fields including:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Companies Law
  • Real estate Laws
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Labor law
  • Insurance Laws
  • International Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Personal Status Law
  • Criminal law